The story of the jar

The story of the jarThe story of the jar

The story of the jar  Located in Tambon Don Tako, Amphoe Mueang, Ratchaburi Province. Travel at Tell the story, investigate the way of making jars from the past to the present, along with work shop activities to join in the fun as a one-piece work in the world by your own skill. Including activities Draw patterns on the jar from imagination.

In addition, there are many cute and chic photography angles By especially the cool corner Stand up a cool pose in a replica kiln with jars flanking them. It is another great place for families. Bring the children to do learning activities,

making a jar or coming with friends to find a beautiful photo corner as well.

For the outside area, you can walk around for free.

There are souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, and a lovely photo corner at each spot.

As for the museum area, the cost of Thai people 190 baht per adult, 100 baht for children, foreigners 380 baht per adult, 200 baht for children.ufa

The museum is divided into different rooms. And have speakers of the place to see The activities are only available on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 2 rounds per day, round 1 at 10 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.

Activity details

Activity 1 Visit the history of Ratchaburi jar via cartoon animation media.

Activity 2: Visiting the museum of jars 3 lands, collecting stories of jars from the first to the present day.

Activity 3 Visits a demonstration of how to make a dragon fruit. By experienced craftsmen

Activities: 4 activities: workshop, potting of jars and painting on the oak dragon One piece in the world with your own hands.

(After the end of the activity There is a delivery service to the front of the house) * The jar has been molded and painted already Will be delivered to your home within 3 weeks (due to the need to wait for the jar to dry completely and burn).

Inside the activity room, there is also a replica jar kiln. That can walk inside Ready to post a stylish pose to post on social media to wow your friends

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