The Notebook

The NotebookThe Notebook

The Notebook Romantic love movie, drama Which tells a story from a notebook about love of different classes Happened in the summer of 1947.

“Noah”, a poor rural young man with “Elly”, a rich daughter from the city. Although they were different in terms of educational status, they both shared a deep heart for each other. 

Until the summer has passed Both were implicitly separated from each other.

Although Noah tried to write a letter to his beloved woman. But was deprived of her family Finally, he decided to enter the city. 

Before going to be a soldier to fight in World War Years later Noah returned from the war He returned to a place where they shared their memories. 

At the same time, the page of the newspaper posted the news that Elle is getting married to an elite officer. That makes them struggle with feelings and obstacles again that will show how much they love each other.ดูหนังออนไลน์

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