Roof frame material

Roof frame materialRoof frame material

Roof frame material The roof structure is like the backbone of the roof. Because it serves to maintain the shape of the roof of the house With 2 types of roof structures:

1. Wooden roof frame

Can be installed conveniently Ordinary technicians can install it. Suitable for wooden houses

Because of the attachment to the columns and beams Can be done conveniently The wooden roof structure.

Should use hardwood with a thickness of 2 “x 6” or 2 “x 8” depending on the weight. And the width of the building as appropriate If the building has a very wide span It is best to use crutches to strengthen the trusses.

The technician language is often called the truss (Truss), while the rafters must be spaced approximately 1 meter. The frequency will reduce the risk of roof sagging.

But there are disadvantages that are quite expensive. They are difficult to find good quality wood, are warped, imprecise and have termite problems Therefore, it should be applied at least 2 times to prevent termites.ออกแบบบ้าน

2. Steel roof frame

The roof that is steel can also be separated. Round steel roof frame Which is commonly used in roofs that need an unusual shape As well as has a very wide span of the pole As for the roof structure, another type of steel is C-shaped steel roof structure, usually about 2.3 mm.

Thickness, suitable for use with double corrugated tile. And a little thickness, size 3.2 mm, used with Monier tiles In addition, the steel used must be steel that has been certified by industry standards. And need to be applied with anti-rust paint

That have been standard at least 2 times, spacing the steel frame For laying purlin to get tiles Or a language called “rafters” should be spaced approximately 1 – 1.5 meters, depending on the tiles that we use.

If using a pair of corrugated tiles, the rafters will be a bit far away Because it is lightweight But if it is Monier tile Your rafters are a little closer together.

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