love movies on Netflix

love movies on Netflixlove movies on Netflix

love movies on Netflix A romantic love movie, drama Based on Anna Todd’s bestselling novel After, won the Drama Movie of the Year Award at the People’s Choice Awards 2019 with the story of “Tessa”.

the 1st Freshy Girl who lives in the frame.

Always Until stepping into the university fence At a party one night, she met “Hardin,” a handsome bad boy. That the first meeting was not so impressive.

But then, fate brought them closer together. Until the birth of love Tessa did not know that this relationship had some secrets.

Alex Strangelove

Laughter and tears with the story of the hormonal age of “Alex True Love” a senior high school boy A perfect person.

both handsome, good at studying, and a beautiful girlfriend, but who knows he’s still a virgin.

And prepare to plan to give up the beloved girlfriend “Claire” to celebrate the graduation.

But had to face a frantic story When I met the youngest “Eliot”ดูหนังออนไลน์

That came to make the heart equally distracted Until Alex is confused and has to find himself To elicit a deep feeling.

That comes to mind that he really likes who, between his girlfriend or the young man who just entered his life.

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