interior wall paneling materials

interior wall paneling materialsinterior wall paneling materials

interior wall paneling materials Thin Stone Stone surface
        Stone to decorate the walls is not a novelty. But the new place is the innovation for producing slabs that are only about 1.5 – 2 mm in thickness. Makes wall decoration work with stone pattern become easy and light. 

It is also several times lower in cost than a full sheet of real stone. Different from the past, if any house or building wants to decorate the walls of the stone It is necessary to install a whole piece of stone which has a lot of weight. 

The installation process is very risky. And if it is not installed at the base, it may cause danger to fall down as well.

     Stone Surface has been in Thai design for about 45 years, but in the past there were few options and were very expensive. The surface of the material is genuine stone, available in many types and patterns, and due to the thinness of the slab it is flexible to use In addition to decorating the walls of the building Can also be used on other surfaces such as cabinet doors, base cabinets And various furniture

Wood paneling With decorative
        if the Mood & Tone of the house still needs warmth, “woodwork will never die.” But with the limitations of real wood use That often has problems with termites and decay, deteriorate over time. Especially used in conjunction with external walls that have to face both the sun and rain. May cause real wood to lose its beauty faster than expected.ออกแบบบ้าน

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