A beautiful, scenic area; train for some hills


Swim:  Lake James is a beautiful, deep glacial lake.  Expect the water to be cold in May.  Most participants use a wet suit, even when the May weather is warm. May weather can vary dramatically, so the morning may be quite cool, even if the predicted high for the day is expected to be very pleasant!
The swim course is in-out.  Olympic distance participants will swim the loop twice, with an on-shore turn-around.  The Sprint start time is approximate. Olympic swimmers must reach the turn-around before the Sprint starts.  Starts will be in waves  to avoid congestion.


Bike:  The bike route runs through a predominantly rural part of Steuben County, between Pokagon State Park and the town of Fremont. The terrain is relatively hilly, on mostly winding roads that take the racer through several undeveloped areas that are graced by undisturbed meadows, small pristine lakes, natural areas, wetland preserves, woods, some farms and a brush with the south side of the town of Fremont. From a local biker: “Our hills are mostly short and choppy. The hills that are relatively steep are not very long.”


Run: This course has character! Be prepared for a true cross-country/trail run. This is not the course to plan on setting your all-time PR, but it is well worth the run.  Trails are hilly, woodland and/or natural areas.  The Park rates a portion of the run trail “easy” and the remainder “moderate.”  Several past Olympic participants have described the full 10K is challenging; the course includes two steep inclines. To prepare for either distance, try to be running some hills, include “hill workouts” at the gym, and be sure to include some off-road runs on grass and/or wooded trails.

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